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5 Star Hotel Seychelles Mahé

Small in geographical size, but infinitely rich in natural habitat, Cousine Island spans 25 hectares (62 acres) in size, 1.4km in length and 800m in width.
The custodians of the island are wholeheartedly dedicated to the preservation of the Seychelles environment. The vegetation consists of 95% endemic plants, creating a nurturing habitat for more than seven species of land birds, nine species of breeding sea birds, as well as a variety of migratory birds that consider Cousine Island home during six months of the year.

In the clear, tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, one thousand miles away from the African mainland, lies a secret paradise rarely experienced outside of the world of fantasy. Adorned with lush palms and vibrant vegetation, this pristine granitic slice of heaven marks one of the few destinations on the planet where the miracle of nature thrives and man in all his curious wonder is a simple and silent observer.

Reimagine Boutique Luxury
Re-imagine boutique luxury on Cousine Island with an intimate complement of four private and homely French Colonial Luxury Villas and a magnificent Presidential Villa within a few steps from the island’s famous sugary white stretch of beach. Each villa provides an unparalleled sense of seclusion, comfort, and romance to their visitors, making Cousine the perfect boutique private island experience for those seeking privacy and escapism.
Kitchens: Each Villas has their own Intimate kitchen to suite your dining needs.
Bedroom: Villas have expansive bedrooms that open directly onto the white angelic beach.
En-suite Bathrooms: Spacious en-suite bathrooms comprise of twin showers & vanities, Jacuzzi baths and closed restrooms.
Comfort: Simply unwind in the open plan lounge or dining room area-

All of the crisply air-conditioned villas are uniquely furnished with fine handcrafted furniture and gadgetry to ensure that each guest feels perfectly at home while staying on the island; so that you can enjoy a sense of homely comfort and timelessness without being totally cut-off from the outside world. Here, guests can retire or relax from the heat of the day’s activities in matchless cosiness; taking in the magical views over the pristine beach, clear waters and island from the secrecy of your front or rear veranda.
Features: The French colonial inspired Luxury villas have receptions leading onto intimate kitchens, a lounge and dining area and expansive bedrooms that open directly onto the white angelic beach offering enchanting views of the sunrise. The spacious en-suite bathrooms are comprised of twin showers & vanities, Jacuzzi baths and closed restrooms as well as a front & rear veranda and outdoor showers. Each Luxury Villa can accommodate a maximum capacity of 2 adults and 1 child under the age of 18 years old.
Up to 3 guests
2 Adults, 1 Child
Availability: 4 Luxury Villas
Bed: 1 x King size bed
Bathroom: Jacuzzi bath, twin shower, twin vanity, private restroom
Additional Rooms: Open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area
Relaxation: Infinity pool and Front & Rear Verandas

Presidential Villa
Cousine Island’s Presidential Villa is unique to our complement. The villa’s spacious serenity is spread out across two picturesque master bedrooms. The Presidential Villa also compromises of a study area where guests can be productive, get some reading done or respond to important emails and calls. For those seeking the pleasures of life, let the spa pamper you with treatments on the beach or in the comfort of your villa as our therapists whisk you away into relaxation and indulgence. A private gym provides the space to get one’s blood pumping perfect for the fitness addict. The outside bar is idyllic for celebrations and special occasions with friends or family, or simply unwind in the lounge area or on the day beds as you take in the bustling and energetic birdlife that paints the skies during the day or beneath a vibrant sea of glowing stars.

The Presidential Villa offers 625m2 of space with a grand outside living area and exquisite infinity pool. Perfectly designed and furnished as a homely private island beach home and retreat with complete privacy, our recommended capacity is a maximum of four adults and two children. The features of the Presidential Villa include two master bedrooms, with magnificent en-suite bathrooms and outdoor shower rooms, dressing rooms, study, a spa, and gym room, outdoor bar and living area, as well as onsite accommodation for personal staff. Our recommended capacity is a maximum of 4 adults & 2 children.
Guests: Up to 6 guests
Occupancy: 4 Adults, 2 Children
Bed: 2 x Master Bedrooms
Bathroom: 2 x Full en-suite Bathrooms
Additional Rooms: Dressing rooms, study, spa, gym room, outdoor bar and living area
Private Staff: On Site Accommodation for Private Staff
Assistance: Dedicated Butler
Availability : 1 Presidential Villa
Outside Bar: Idyllic for celebrations and special occasions
Size: 625m2

Cousine Island’s boutique hotel has been carefully planned to grant our guests secluded privacy, while keeping our human footprint as delicate as possible. To this end, our villas and resort facilities have been kept both exclusive and unobtrusive, perfectly nestled in the island’s verdant and exotic surroundings.

Spa & Wellness
Dare to Dream: Cousine Island holidays offer our guests every opportunity to indulge in their favourite past time. Fitness-conscious guests can use our gym room at any time for a healthy workout or find balance in private yoga and gym sessions both indoors and outdoors.
World Renowned Ligne St Barth Spa
Private Gym & Yoga Sessions
Couples Massages
Exclusive Ligne St Barth Product Range
Harmony & Balance
Our spa, located in an old, renovated beach house, is synonymous with relaxation. Unwind and rejuvenate your body and mind during our massage and facial treatments, using Ligne St Barth’s exotic product range of elixirs, nourishing peeling creams and masks.
Relax and unwind in our exotic spa located at the “Original Beach House”. Indulge and spoil yourself with our exclusive Ligne St Barth product range.

Weddings and honeymoon: FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN
Imagine sipping champagne with your one-and-only while sharing the intimacy and comfort of a warm Jacuzzi bath, surrounded by fragrant coconut cream candles and watching the sun descending behind the blue horizon to a cast of dancing orange lights and twilight shadows over a tropical paradise to call your own. What could be more romantic and more desirable? The seclusion, mystery and sheer majesty of the island make it the perfect destination for seekers of exclusive adventure and escapism to her sun-washed shores. A truly idyllic setting for spontaneous romantic proposals as well as hot-blooded honeymooners looking for a bosom experience, Cousine Island offers a serene and private destination for intimate white beach weddings.

Our conservation success story
Once over-exploited by man, Cousine Island is now a safe-haven for an impressive variety of plant and animal species. As one of the few granitic islands in the world, the island is completely free from alien mammals that could threaten its delicate eco-system, thanks to the removal of these intruders and multiple reintroductions of native species of birds, other animals and plants. From a despairing history of unsustainable overexploitation to being rehabilitated and protected, Cousine Island is a true legend of conservation success, contributing to both the Seychelles and global floral and faunal biodiversity.

In the azure waters of the Indian Ocean there is an island like no other on earth. An island where nature thrives and man is just a silent observer, curator of one the most pristine islands on earth.Cousine Island is one of the 115 islands that make up the Seychelles islands. These set of islands are situated about 1 600 kilometres from Kenya. Other neighbouring countries include Zanzibar and Madagascar. Due to the island’s delicate eco-system transfers by helicopter is preferred. Transfers are available from any heli-stop and the transfer cost is priced accordingly. 20kg of soft baggage per person is preferred due space restriction.

The Pavillion has an open-air dining area with lounge, library & broadband internet access and a fresh water swimming pool. The Gecko bar leads off from the Pavillion giving you a breathtaking view of the Blue Ocean and lush green neighboring islands. All products and ingredients used are sourced locally. Fresh fish is bought from the local fisherman on Praslin or Mahe. Although we grow a lot of our own fruits and herbs we also buy them from local farmers.


Providence, PO Box 977
Victoria Mahé

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